Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fundraising Update!

So me and Libby have another meeting with our principal tomorrow (Friday). We are going to discuss changing our idea like I said before in my previous post (it's going to be a ring toss at lunch) and change the date of the actual fundraiser because it's the same day as the idea showcase. Before I start making/developing my project I obviously need some money so that's why me and Libby are fundraising. The fundraiser and Idea Showcase are my main focuses right now but I'm ALWAYS thinking of new things I can add to the kit of course. Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in my last post but we are holding a stuffed animal drive on our team for the ring toss. Oh yeah and open a new tab, copy and paste the link on the side to take you to my gofundme if you are interested in donating. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ring Toss With Libby!

Hey guys. Me and Libby are still fundraising together. At first we were going to sell oreos at lunch but now we are going to do a ring toss at lunch. 3 tosses is 1 dollar and 6 tosses is 2 dollars. You can win prizes and to get the prizes we are holding a stuffed animal drive on our team. We will also buy some emoji pillows. THe problem we have ran into is that the day our principal told us we could fundraise on the 16th but we have something called the idea showcase on the SAME DAY! We are going to have to talk to the principal about a different day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fundraising with Libby!

Me and my friend Libby both have no money on our gofundme (link on the right if you want to check it out)  so we are deciding to fundraise at school together for our projects. So far we have talked with our school principal and have a day for our fundraiser but we are still debating over two ideas we have.  We of course want it to be something that people are excited about and will actually do other then something that nobody will even pay attention to. The good thing is that we have a while until we need to decide because we aren't fundraising until after valentines day. Oh yeah and don't forget to check out my  Gofundme the link is on the right ;)