Friday, February 26, 2016

Fundraising with libby! (again)

I'm doing another fundraiser with libby and my friend hannah. We aren't doing it at school this time. Instead we are having a bake sale over spring break. We hope this one turns out better than our other one we did. It went well but it still wasn't that good. Also pitch day went well. I found a sponsor, it's going to be my mom.  Also be sure you look at my website the link is on the right.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Idea showcase Coming up

Idea Showcase is on Tuesday. I'm working on my poster right now. I'm also putting together the final details of my fundraiser with Libby. The fundraiser is on Wednesday. we have gotten a good amount of stuffed animals. We really hope this goes well. If this doesn't go well then I won't have any money for my project. (But you can always donate to my gofundme link on the right) I really hope Idea showcase goes well and the fundraiser.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stuffed Animal Time!

So fundraiser update with Libby. We are just starting the stuffed animal drive and things are going pretty well. We have gotten one fairly large donation and we have a few more coming in tomorrow (Friday). There's really not that much going on in my project right now other then the fundraiser because we don't have any money (because it hasn't started yet) but once the fundraiser happens we should definitely have some money and I can start my kits. I'm really excited to start building my project. I'm always looking at things for my kit whenever we go somewhere and comparing prices so when I get the money I'll be ready to start. I'm also making/inventing things to go in the kit. I'm really excited. Also, February 16 is idea showcase and I'm currently working on my poster. Also don't forget gofundme link is on the side (Just copy and paste it in to the search bar) you should go check it out. Thanks!